The Complete Rewards Solution
Increase & Secure Your Revenue Using Already Existing Customers.
Does Your Business Have:
1. An on-going Loyalty Program

2. An on-going Gift Card Program

3. A bulk Emailing System (PRO)

4. A Rewards Website (PRO)

5. A Mobile Application (PRO)

6. Push Notifications (PRO)

7. Pre-Done Digital Assets (PRO)

8. A Digital Payment Gateway

Can You Afford to Not Have Marketing Genius 2.0?
In the past many businesses have gotten by while unknowingly taking their customers for granted; however, in recent times consumers are now supporting providers who give them the most value for their money. Marketing Genius 2.0 allows you to meet that commitment while increasing your revenue and market share in the process. With our complement of tools, you can now...

Engage Customers
Interact with customers using cutting edge digital technology. Stay relevant & stand out from the competition.

Monitor Purchases
Monitor customer behaviour to learn more about how to manage your products. Reward high-spending customers.

Promote Your Business
Use your digital assets to incentivize your customers to promote your business for you! One (1) click is all it takes.

Attract New Customers
Use alluring first-timer promotions to enroll new customers into a tiered-approach spending program.
Leverage The Power of Loyalty Using the Most Sought After Digital Tools Available
How Easy Is It to Use Marketing Genius 2.0 In Your Business?
You don't have to be a "Genius" to use Marketing Genius 2.0 mainly because we have already done all the heavy lifting for you. No new hardware or software is needed. Once we set you up it's easy sailing from there, and all the customer has to do is what you see below. These are literally the most important steps in your business.
Customer Makes A Purchase
Customer Scans Code
Customer Earns Rewards
Did You Know Loyalty Rewards Literally Pays for Itself?
Let us look at how a Loyalty Reward Program can pay for itself via the scenario below.

Commonplace Scenario

In this situation (for the sake of simple mathematics), let us say Retail Store A has a total of 100 customers. The average purchase is $25 per customer. That means if every customer makes one (1) purchase per month the retail store collects $2500.

In most situations, there will be other retail stores available from where customers can choose to make their purchases. This means Retail Store A is making $2500 per month despite his customers are shopping with other retailers.

Retail Store A purchases the Pro version of Marketing Genius 2.0, and now has an attractive Loyalty Rewards program. Let us say the program only appeals to 10% of his customers. This means 10 of his customers (10% of 100 = 10) will buy more from Retail Store A in order to earn their rewards.

If the average extra purchase per customer is $15, and we have 10 more customers making at least one (1) purchase, this means Retail Store A will gain an extra $150 in that month. Marketing Genius 2.0 is currently only $37, which means Retail Store A made over 4 times the amount needed to cover the payment.

In “real-life” a few things will be different than what is being outlined in the scenario above. Those aspects are:

1. Most businesses with a $25 purchase rate per customer have a lot more than 100 customers
2. Most businesses with less than 100 customers offer products/services that greatly exceed the $25 price point
3. Customers usually make more than one (1) purchase per visit
4. The right rewards campaign will engage more than 10% of your customer base. Statistics site upwards of 57%

In other words, Marketing Genius 2.0 is easily affordable and ideal for any business needing help with their “Customer Retention & Engagement Strategy”. Get it now while the 52% OFF Special is still available.
money-backTry Marketing Genius 2.0 for 14-Days Risk Free

We are so confident you will absolutely love Marketing Genius 2.0 that we are offering a full 14-Day, iron-clad, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. We take all the risk so you don’t have to!

Get Marketing Genius 2.0 Now for $77 Just $37
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Two (2) One-Time Setup Payments of $149USD Required
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Does this reward system work for both Android & iOS?
Yes. Marketing Genius 2.0 is cloud based; therefore, it works on the browser of any device with an internet connection.

Is there support for the software?
Of course, there is. We have video tutorials and a support desk to assist with any questions or queries you may encounter along the way.

I've never done rewards before. Do you guys help setup the campaigns?
Sure, not a problem. Our marketing team can assist in creating a tailor-made campaign for your business.

Why is there a setup fee?
To integrate all the necessary systems into your business takes a great effort. The fee helps to facilitate the labour required to make this possible.

I love Marketing Genius 2.0. Are there any upgrades?
Yes, there are upgrades. Marketing Genius 2.0 allows for more complex loyalty reward tiers and a "Starbucks-like" eGift Card system. It really is quite amazing.

After purchasing Marketing Genius 2.0 how long does it take to setup?
There is a lot of technology involved and a lot of customization required so about 3-4 business days.

Do you really offer a Money Back Guarantee?
Yes, we do. If you do not like our product, then we don't want your money. We want to "ADD" to your business...not take away from it. Your purchase is safe & risk-free with us.

How long will this offer be available?
This pricing is our way to help businesses post pandemic; however, this offer can end at any moment. If it seems beneficial to your business, it may be wise to just buy it now.
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Business tip - Businesses are always ready to invest, but ever so often they forget to invest in the most important aspect of their business – Their Customers.