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A Simple Yet Effective Professional Solution That Takes Payments Online or Lets Clients Pay Upon Delivery/Pickup

Whether you are a small business or a worldwide franchise we have you covered.

Ordering System & Website

  • COVID-19 Proof 100% Contactless
  • Mobile QR Code Scan Technology
  • Works Perfectly Online & In-Store
  • Silver: $99 Setup / $9.99 per mth
  • Gold: $199 Setup / $19.99 per mth
  • Customer Rewards & Gift Cards

Professionally Sell Your Product & Start Making More Sales Today!

Your first step to accessing over 2 billion people who made over 4.2 trillion USD in purchases in 2020 alone


There is now no limit to where you can sell. Explore new opportunities and use the internet as your personal playground


Sell online, schedule deliveries, make product suggestions, create loyalty programs, bulk promo emailing and more...


This system was designed to be powerful under the hood yet super easy to use. Learn to use the system in less than 15 mins
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The aim of most businesses is to sell products, but how do you incentivize repeat business? Offer digital rewards to your customers and lure them into buying with your LITE access to LyftPal Rewards.

VALUE: $250USD/year

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Give your customers the option of purchasing eGift Cards for their loved ones. Your business gets paid in advance and the recipient redeems their gift voucher later. Get your LITE access today!

VALUE: $250USD/year

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Do you have a file on all your customers? Can you access their details and send promotions to all of them with the click of a button? Turn your Gmail account into a mass emailer and advertise for FREE.

VALUE: $250USD/year

After a few days of using EZ Ordering Online I closed my Shopify account. You just can't beat paying $9.99 a month for all those features. Best 10 bucks I ever spent!
Greg ConceptionEntrepreneur
EZ Checkout is easier to use than Facebook or Instagram. Everything is easy to understand and right there at your fingertips. Makes it easy to run my small business while studying.
Diana LaidlawStudent
I just upgraded to Premium, and I can't believe all of what I'm getting for only an additional $10. Forget the Basic and just do the Premium. I've even started selling products for my friends :-D.
Michael BowenFreelancer

The reason we created >>>

Simply put we created this solution because (1) the available solutions were too expensive, and (2) the features we required were either not available or marketed as expensive add-ons. For these reasons we created the EZ Ordering Online platform.

Our aim was to not only create an online ordering solution, but to create an online/offline marketing solution for serious business owners. EZ Online Ordering is more than just an ordering is about improving overall customer engagement.
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Get Started with EZ Ordering Online Today!

Take the 1st step to adding an additional layer of digital professionalism to your business by clicking the button above. Our sales rep will contact you to provide a bit more information on just how much value this system can add to your business. Be sure to act while the current pricing is still available. Price increases over time & can do so without warning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason for the setup fee?

Once you purchase our service, we will automatically setup/optimize your ordering system & website. This can be a technical process, so to avoid any errors we take full responsibility for the setup. Once the setup is complete, we then hand you over a fully optimized ready done store & website. You're welcome ;-).

How long does the setup take?

For Basic/Silver packages 1-2 days. For Gold/Premium packages 2-3 days. Have a cup of coffee while you wait :-D.

How many products are uploaded in setup?

For the "Silver" package we upload 5 products and 10 for the "Gold" package. Uploading products to the EZ Ordering Online system is very easy, and it is just as "complicated" as uploading a photo to Facebook :-D.

What are the checkout payment options?

Customers can check out via PayPal, Stripe, RazorPay, pretty much any recognized credit card, bank transfer, page redirect or Cash On Delivery/Pickup.

How many products can I sell?

You can sell as many products as you wish. There is no cap on the number of products you can sell or upload. You are free to sell an unlimited number of products. Have a blast!

What's the difference between Silver & Gold?

Silver is the basic version of the software, and doesn't come with the extra bonuses mentioned on the page. The Gold version also has a lot of additional features such as the ability to make product combinations, show recommended products, assign pre-set product quotas, add coupons, pop-up & widget technology and more....

Do I need this if I have a website?

If your website doesn't take payments or track deliveries, then yes. You can simply add a link to your website and have your customers use EZ Ordering Online to purchase your items.

Do you charge a % per transaction?

No, we do not. All charges are solely between the client and their payment gateway. If the bank for example charges 2% per transaction that has absolutely nothing to do with EZ Ordering Online. The only charge we require is the monthly maintenance fee which never changes...that's it!

Can payments be accepted in all currencies?

All major currencies are excepted e.g. the dollar, pounds, euros..etc. All currencies are tied to another currency, and the conversion can be done automatically via a code at checkout if necessary. It isn't a problem.

The pricing on this page is in which currency?

All pricing on this sales page is in United States Dollars (USD).

Is support offered for this product?

Why of course! Our support team is there to answer any question, or to lend technical assistance if needed. We got you!

What if I don't like EZ Ordering Online?

If for some reason you don't like the product just let us know within 14 days and we will give a FULL 100% REFUND. You have nothing to lose with your purchase. Try it out and let us know what you think :-).



We are so confident in our product that we will give you a full refund if you don't absolutely fall in love with EZ Ordering Online.


Once you have a laptop/computer and the internet you are good to go. Access your store while at home, in office or on the move.


Nothing lasts forever and neither will the price of EZ Ordering Online. Our $9.99 package usually goes for over $30 with other providers!
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Our dedicated support team is here to answer any questions about EZ Ordering Online


Your purchase is always secure, and we always keep your information private...


We love being social, but for a quicker response try using the chat feature on our website...