One Marketing to Open All The Doors
To Your Mobile Marketing Success

Increase your revenue & market share, while reducing internal marketing/advertising costs. Deploy our patent pending mobile app technology to enhance the sales & operational aspect of your business.

Dear Mr. Michael Arthur,

Thank you so much for entertaining our limited promotion. In as few words as possible, I am going to introduce you to an effective, feasible & affordable way to manage/increase your client base during/after a pandemic.

Many major food chains in the world have at least one (1) mobile application for their business. These applications can solve complicated problems, simplify everyday tasks, reduce the existing marketing spend, influence customer spending, promote efficiency and increase yearly revenues.

Due to their high rate of effectiveness, sophisticated mobile applications tend to fetch a high penny. This cost usually makes mobile app development an option exclusively reserved for the market leaders in the industry.

With this promotion we initially reduced our mobile development cost by 70% (our mobile development cost usually starts at $5000USD/$10,000BDS), and the price will gradually increase on a monthly basis until our former prices have been met. It is our hope your business takes advantage of this price leniency and invest in a mobile application capable of creating the most sought after channel of digital communication for this era.

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Here Are A Few Features You Can Access with Our Mobile Application

Unlimited Promotional Messaging

With "push notifications" you can message all your customers at once with the push of a button. You can even send automated pre-done messages to customers who haven't visited your establishment over a period of time.

Take it a step further, and have the mobile application automatically reach out to your customers on their birthday and give them a special limited time coupon.

Send images, links, offers, promotions or even random alerts to the only device the average person touches over 2600 times per day (real statistic from INDIANAPOLIS WISH)! Your brand NEEDS to be on your customers cell phone.

Customer Loyalty Rewards

If a business isn't rewarding its customers for their patronage, one may accuse said business of taking their customers for granted.

Our mobile application has over five (5) ways for a business to reward its customers. Use simple digital punch cards or more complex point-oriented reward campaigns.

Use reward points as a way to incentivize your patrons to spend more and to increase their buying frequency. Influence consumer buying habits and gain loyal customers in the process.

New to reward campaigns? No need to worry as we are not! Our team will assist in creating your first campaign for your establishment.

Online Ordering & eCommerce

Improving the customer experience is an important aspect of any business, and customers today expect to have their favourite products available for purchase at their convenience.

Our mobile application allows customers to view your menu online, schedule cash-on-arrival pickups, request deliveries (if the businesses offers a delivery service) and of course purchase items online.

It took a global pandemic for some businesses to realise the importance of digital technology. Stay ahead of the curve and keep providing more convenient ways for customers to interact with your business.

Get Paid In Advance with eGift Cards

The global digital gift cards industry generated $258.34 billion in 2020, and is anticipated to generate $1101.03 billion by 2030.

Starbuck's consumer app based gift card tool currently holds about 1.2 billion dollars worth in customer cash.

An egift card essentially allows a business to not only create their own internal form of currency, but to create a way for customers to pay for items without using physical cash or a credit card. In the case of a credit card the business saves on transaction fees.

Get paid in advance when customers purchase your gift cards for themselves and others via the app. This feature is a "must have" for any business.

Are You Looking To Turn It Up for 2022?

We could keep listing how our application's features can benefit your business, but that's over 50 features and literally a few days' worth of typing.

If your business was ever looking for an opportunity to get ahead of the pack, become a trend setter, satiate the growing needs of demanding customers and stand out from the competition.....this is it!

Take a look at more of what we have to offer in the pricing table below, and take advantage of this offer while it is still available. The price increases when the counter hits zero.

Get The Ultimate Tool To Enhance Your Business Across Every Segment
The apps below are far from basic, loaded with a host of features and allow for a custom-made home screen of your choice.




/plus $150 per month
/plus $179 per month
/plus $225 per month

100% Original Home Screen Design

All of "Starter " plus

All of "Starter" & "Business" plus...

Home Screen Height Max 3000px

Home Screen Height Max 4500px

Home Screen Height Max 6000px

Unlimited App Downloads

Premium Rewards (8 of 8)

Multiple Promotional Banner w/direct web links (users can click the text and be taken to web destinations of your choice. Unlimited scrolling messages are now available)

Unlimited Push Notifications (messages to customers)

In App Promotional Banner (run promos or inform members via the scrolling in-app message bar)

3 custom in-app pages/advertisements (have promotional screens or information displayed when user selects selected tabs)

About Us

Automated Birthday Club (members are automatically sent messages/offers on their birthday)

Monthly Marketing Material - Get posters, new Gift Card templates or promotional designs every month to help promote your app.

Contact Info

Automated Customer Reminders (for example...App can send messages/offers to customers if they haven't visited your store over a period of time)

Same day customer support - one on one person to person calls with our service reps.


Marketing material (for example Digital posters, Social media posts etc.)

Add two (2) additional premium modules to the app (for example, add an employee scheduler to the app and have your staff access their schedules using the app. They can also request days off, clock in and out etc...)

Store Locator

Unlimited Coupons

Smart Reviews - Reviews can help boost your placement in organic search results; however, bad reviews can have a negative impact on your ranking. With Smart Reviews only the good ratings are posted, while the bad ratings are forwarded to the app admin. Use this opportunity to follow up with customers to resolve existing issues.


Unlimited Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Access to custom Gift Card database (over 50 gift card types to choose from)

Standard Rewards (4 out of 8 modules)

VIP Customer Support


App admin can send Push Notifications from their mobile phone (Push Notifications are usually sent from the Admin dashboard)


Gamification (Allows customers to complete fun tasks to win prizes within the app)


Contests (Allows customers to compete against each other to win prizes within the app)

Bulk Emailing System

Social Media Hub

Customer Profile

Customer Registration

Master Admin Dashboard

Priority Customer Support

Google & Apple Setup

Order Now Order Now Order Now
We will also manage your app and guide you step by step on how to implement this technology into your business. It's easy to use and there is a low learning curve when it comes to using the app. People use apps all the time and yours will be no different. Your purchase is also backed by a 14-day Money Back Guarantee. If after 14 days you don't absolutely fall in love with the mobile application just let us know and we will refund your purchase. We look forward to seeing you on the other side. Cheers.
Note: This offer is time sensitive and shall only be available for a limited time. If you are still on the fence feel free to contact us directly to discuss your concerns.

Important: This promotion barely scratches the surface of what we can do as software developers. If there's an industry specific module you require for your business, just let us know and we can make it to meet your requirement. This will come at an additional cost, but just know you can now have a constantly evolving mobile application for your business.